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How to: Make your local web server public with ngrok

In order to run some of Digital Assistant's features (e.g. Chat bot integrations) your server must be publicly accessible. For testing purposes we recommend using ngrok as a tunnel for an easy way to make your web server accessible from the internet.

If your server can be reached with a public URL already, then this step will not be necessary.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Run the cmd prompt as an Administrator
  2. Type ngrok.exe http 2014 which will expose http://localhost:2014 to the internet and give you their address. For example:
Web Interface       
Forwarding -> localhost:2014
Forwarding -> localhost:2014

Many integrations require the use of HTTPS. Therefore you should choose the latter URL for your integrations.

  1. In the IIS Web Server under Bindings for localhost:2014 app set the ngrok url. In other adenin documentation this is also referred to as ServerPublicURL.

IIS Server Site Binding

  1. On your server, open the Administration area of Digital Assistant, by navigating to http://localhost/Admin/
  2. Go to Settings → Global and under Base URL enter the ServerPublicURL determined by ngrok.

Set ngrok base URL in Digital Assistant